Tuesday, April 3, 2012

FREE Beauty Bag w/ goodies & coupons from Target

Target is giving away a beauty bag filled with all kinds of goodies & coupons. Just head over here to Target Style on Facebook. "Like" their page & sign up. Hurry before their all gone! Their FB page is a little slow, but it works! I was able to sign up for mine!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Toys & Games Deals at Target!

So I had to take slow, deep breaths to not hyperventilate while shopping at Target this week. I briefly posted about their toys& game sale yesterday, but I wanted to actually SHOW you what I was so excited about. Here goes:

Bop It XT, Reg. Price: $24.99, Sale Price $15.00.
- (1) $5.00 MQ
- (1) $5.00 TQ
= $5.00
+ FREE Clue Suspect card game (WYB any $10 or higher Hasbro game), Reg. Price $6.89

Monopoly Electronic Banker, Reg. Price: $24.99, Sale Price $15.00.
- (1) $5.00 MQ
- (1) $5.00 TQ
= $5.00
+ FREE Battleship card game (WYB any $10 or higher Hasbro game), Reg. Price $6.89

Yahtzee Flash, Reg. Price: $24.99, Sale Price $15.00.
- (1) $5.00 MQ
- (1) $5.00 TQ
= $5.00
+ FREE Monopoly Deal card game (WYB any $10 or higher Hasbro game), Reg. Price $6.49

Simon Flash, Reg. Price: $24.99, Sale Price $15.00.
- (1) $5.00 MQ
- (1) $5.00 TQ
= $5.00
+ FREE Sorry Revenge card game (WYB any $10 or higher Hasbro game), Reg. Price $6.49

Reg. Price Total: $126.72
My Total Cost: $20.00
Total Savings: $106.72, or 84%

I was also able to get these two Battleship Travel games for FREE!!

(2) Battleship Travel game: $5.54 each or $11.08 total
- (2) $3.00 MQ
- (2) $3.00 TQ

100% SAVINGS!!

These Chuck & Friend's Die Cast Trucks are normally $4.84 each. I had a Target coupon for BOGO Free and a Manufacturer coupon for BOGO Free. I was able to stack the coupons. So I bought one and got two free!

As an added BONUS, some of these had a free movie in the package!

There was a glitch with Target's register/scanner. I informed the cashier that the coupons she scanned took off more than the face value shown on the coupons, but she said we'll just "go with it". These should have cost $1.61 each after coupons, but I got six of these for $0.99 each after coupons, making my total savings $23.06, or 79%!

So, what am I going to do with all of these toys? I will use the 4 card games & 1 Chuck & Friends truck for my children's Easter Baskets, save the Bop IT XT game & the Electronic Monopoly Game for Christmas, and use the other toys to give at birthday parties that my kids are invited to & donate others to a good cause!

Now that's what I call A BONNY GOOD DEAL!! 

Monday, March 26, 2012

CHEAP TOYS at Target!!! Practically FREE!

Holy Cow! Great deals on toys at Target! I've been so busy with school & kids that I haven't been posting much, but these deals ARE TOO GOOD TO KEEP TO MYSELF!!!  Print coupons form Hasbro's website here and then go to Target's website here and print coupons for the same toys and stack them. We're talking CHEAP toys & games. See more details at Totally Target here & here & here & here!!

Thanks, Totally Target!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Amazing Sister and Brother and Sister and other Brother and Parents and... (you get the picture)

Finding a good deal on groceries gets me excited, but nothing makes me happier than my family. I know I usually blog about saving money, but today I wanted to post about something that brings me true joy and happiness.

Words that describe my family:

Remarkable, Amazing, loving, selfless, charitable, INCREDIBLE, magnificent…

Yesterday my younger brother, Tom, received a kidney transplant. Years ago he was diagnosed with a chronic kidney disease. When his kidneys failed the first time, our brother William, who was a newlywed at the time, selflessly donated a kidney. William never complained and did not second guess himself. His new wife, Erin, did not question it either. His recovery was not easy, and his wife was there all along supporting his decision to help our brother, who would have died without the transplant. That was more than 10 years ago.

About a year and a half ago Tom found out that his borrowed kidney was living on borrowed time, and he'd need another transplant very soon. Yesterday was that day! This time my younger sister Bethany was the donor. Not only did Bethany volunteer to donate a kidney, she was EXCITED to be able to help our brother in this way! What's even more remarkable is that THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME Bethany has stepped up to save the life of a family member. When Bethany was just 16 years old, she donated her bone marrow to our sister DeAnne, who was stricken with leukemia. DeAnne has been in remission for more than 15 years now.

What a blessing it is to me to be a part of a loving, unselfish family. It's not uncommon for any one of my family members to do something kind and generous on a daily basis. It's uplifting to know that these are the people I get to be stuck with throughout the eternities. It all started more than 47 years ago when my parents fell in love and gave life to 16 children, but that’s a whole other story!

My AWESOME Savings at Target today!

I took a quick trip in to Target today while I was out running errands, and I found some GREAT deals! I made my purchases in 3 separate transactions in order to immediately take advantage of the 2 of the gift cards I earned from some of my purchases. I also had (3) $5 Visa Gift Cards that I used today that I previously received from Kellogg's in the form as a Mail in Rebate. Below are the details of my trip.

Transaction #1:

(5) boxes Crunchy Nut Caramel Nut Cereal, $2.75 each
(1) box Raisin Bran Cinnamon Almond, $2.75
Used (1) $5/5 Kellogg's Cereal MQ
Used (2) $1/3 TQ
= $9.50  

(1) Casacade Complete Trial Size, $0.97
Used (1) $0.50/1 Cascade MQ
= $0.47

(2) Activia Yogurt 4pks, $2.00 each
Used (1) $2/2 TQ
Used (2) $1/1 MQ

(1) Market Pantry OJ, $1.12 each (price cut)
(1) Market Pantry OJ, w/ added calcium, $2.24 (because there was only 1 OJ w/price cut left)
Used (1) $1/2 Market Pantry Juice TQ
= $2.36

(1) Jimmy Dean Delights, $2.04
Used (1) $1.25/1 wyb 1 OJ MQ
= $0.79

Total $13.12 + $1.41 tax = $14.53
Used (2) $5.00 Visa Card MIR (from previous Kellogg's purchase)
= $4.53 OOP
Received (1) $5 Target Gift card for buying 5 select Kellogg's products

Transaction #2

(2) Ritz Crackers, $2.54 each
Used (1) $1/2 TQ
Used (1) $1/2 MQ
= $3.08

(2) Nutrigrain Bars, $2.50 each
Used (1) $1/2 MQ
Used (1) $1/2 TQ
= $3.00

(3) Eggos Waffles, $2.00 each
Used (1) $1/3 MQ
= $5.00

Total $11.08 + 0.68 tax= $11.76
Used (1) $5.00 Visa Card MIR (from previous Kellogg's purchase)
Used (1) $5.00 Target Gift Card (from transaction #1)
= $1.76 OOP
Received (1) $5 Target Gift card for buying 5 select Kellogg's products

Transaction #3

(5) Kellogg's Rice Krispie Treats (8ct. pkgs), 1.99 each
= $9.95

Total = $9.95 + $0.41 tax
Used (1) $5.00 Target Gift Card (from transaction #2)
= $4.95 OOP
Received (1) $5 Target Gift card for buying 5 select Kellogg's products

Total BEFORE sales & coupons: $62.27
Total AFTER sales & coupons $11.24
That's 82% savings
AND I still have $5 Target Gift Card to use on a future purchase!  WOOT WOOT!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

I saved...76% UNBELIEVABLE!

Picture #1
(2) Yes To Carrots Body Butter:  $2/ea. 
 (2) Revlon Makeup: Reg. $8.49 & $7.74, on clearance for $2.54 & $2.32
Used (2) $2/1 Yes to Carrots coupons 
 Used (2) $2/1 Revlon Target coupons 
Total out of pocket: $0.86

Picture #2:
(2) Silk Pure Almond Milk: $2.99/ea.
(1) Large Post Raisin Bran $2.99
(1) Honey Bunches of Oats, Family Size $3.19
Used (2) $1/1 Silk coupons
Used (1) $1/1 Honey Bunches of Oats coupon
Used (1) $1/1 Raisin Bran coupon
Used (2) $2/ 1Silk & 1 Post cereal Target coupon
Total Out of pocket: $4.16

Picture #3
(2) Activia yogurt 4 packs, Reg. $2.50/ea., on sale for $2/ea.
(2) Danimals yogurt 4 pack drinks, Reg. $2.54/ea, on sale for $2 ea.
Used (2) $1/1 Activia coupons
Used (1) $2/2 Activia Target coupons
Used (2) $0.75/1 Danimals coupons
Used (2) $0.75/1 Danimals Target coupons
Total out of pocket: $1.00

Picture #4
(5) boxes Snackwell's 100 calorie snack packs: Reg. $2.99/ea., on sale for $2.50/ea.
(5) pkgs. Crystal Light Drink mixes: Reg $2.29/ea., on clearance for $1.14/ea.
Used (5) $2/ 1 Snackwell's & Crystal light when purchased together
Total out of pocket: $8.20

Picture #5
(1) Mento's UP2U 3pk gum: $2.99
(1) Market Pantry Spiced Apple Cider juice: Reg. $2.29, on clearance for $1.14
Used (1) $1/1 Mento's multi pack gum coupon
Used (1) $1/1 Mento's multi pack gum Target coupon
Used (1) $0.50/1 Market Pantry Juice Target coupon
Total out of pocket: $1.63

Picture #6
(4) boxes Kellogg's Crunchy Nut cereal: Reg. $2.92/ea., on sale for $2.75/ea.
Used (1) $4/4 Kellogg's coupon
Used (2) $1/2 Kellogg's Target coupons
Total out of pocket: $5.00

Picture #7
(12) Yoplait yogurts: Reg. $0.62/ea., on sale for $0.31/ea.
Used (2) $0.40/6 Yoplait yogurts coupon
Used (1) $1/10 Yoplait yogurts Target coupon
Total out of pocket: $1.92 (making them only $0.16/each!!)

Total BEFORE sales & coupons: $93.27
MY total out of pocket $22.77
Making my Target trip a 76% savings today! Woot Woot!

Monday, February 13, 2012

FREE e-book, Into the Free

Into the Free: A Novel

I'm especially excited to tell you about this freebie because I went to high school with the author.  The book has only been released for 13 days and already has rave reviews and is on it's 3rd printing! I can hardy wait to read it myself. You can visit the author's website here. You can download your free copy from Amazon here, or at Barnes & Noble here.

Overview from Barnes & Noble:

"Young Millie Reynolds must confront the past and overcome her family's long history of destructive choices before finding her own path to freedom. Millie Reynolds knows firsthand the shame of family secrets. With an abusive father and a "nothing mama," she craves a place of true belonging. Over time, the gypsies that travel through town each spring offer acceptance. Then tragedy strikes and Millie leaves her world of poverty to join a prominent family on the other side of town. There, with the help of unlikely sources, Millie uncovers painful truths about her family's past as she struggles to face a God she believes has abandoned her. When unconditional love is offered, Millie learns the power of forgiveness and finally discovers where she belongs."